14.6. 19:30

Ahola won both days

The second day of WEC-Riihimäki (Finland) has been concluded. Sunday´s events followed  very  much Saturdays guidelines. Same competitors fought in the front. In both E1 and E2-classes three best ones were the same on both days.

During the race weekend two separate competitions were ridden. This doubles the amount of points available.

Winner of E1-class was like on Saturday the reigning world champion, Finland´s own Mika Ahola with 40 seconds difference to the next one, Antoine Meo (France). Finland´s other riders competed also well. Eero Remes took the third place on both Saturday and Sunday. Jari Mattila followed the same idea with  being seventh on both days.

Ahola leads the series now with 197 points Simone Albergoni (Italy) being second  with 165 points and Meo third in overall standings with only one point behind Albergoni .  

Retired in E1-class on Sunday: Petri Koli (Finland), Niklas Gustaffson (Sweden), Carl Bjerkert (Sweden) and Xavier Galindo (Spain).

The winner in E2-class was Johnny Aubert (France). On Sunday the difference between Aubert and the second, Finland´s Juha Salminen was over one minute. The third was Bartosz Oblucki from Poland. Valtteri Salonen and Simo Kirssi from Finland were fourth and sixth.

Aubert has now gathered exact 200 points from the first four competition weekends and is leading the series. Salminen made also great work this weekend and climbed from the sixth place to the third with 144 points.

 Retired in E2-class on Sunday: Antoine Letellier ( France), Jani Lajunen (Finland) and Luca Cherubini (Italy).

E3-class had the toughest competition. Winner, Spain´s Ivan Cervantes made a nine seconds gap against the French rider, Chirstophe Nambotin.. The four time world champion Finland´s Samuli Aro was third  losing 48 seconds to the winner.

British BMW-rider David Knight retired on Saturday without any specified reason and did not even start on Sunday.

Cervantes leads now with 195 points with Sebastian Guillaume being second with 161  points. Samuli Aro is chasing  Guillaume and Nambotin (160 points) with his 158 points.

Retired in E3-class on Sunday: Bjorne Carlsson (Sweden). The Finnish junior competitors didn´t succeed so well during the competition weekend. The best Finnish rider, Lauri Pohjonen finished 15th on Sunday with Saturday´s seventh, Antti Hellsten retiring on Sunday.

The winner in junior class on Sunday was Oriol Mena from Spain. Jeremy Joly from France was second with the Italian Mirko Gritti being third. This challenging and hard race weekend was probably toughest particularly for the junior class with  eleven competitors retiring the race.

The overall standings in the junior class: Mena leading with 197 points, Joly second with149 points and Benoit Fortunato third with 127 points. (France)

Retired on junior class on Sunday: Vanni Cominotto (Italy), Phillip McLaughlin (Ireland), Arnaud Devisy (France), Milan Engel (Czech Republic), Guilen Pares (Spain), Karl Svensson, Martin Larsson, Jonas Karlsson (all Sweden), Antti Hellsten, Lauri Salonen and Miika Oininen (all Finland).